How to Get Six New Fonts Included with Vista, Legally AND For Free!

by Joey deVilla on March 7, 2007

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out the new fonts included with Windows Vista, I present six of them below:

Sample of the Windows Vista font “Calibri”.

Sample of the Windows Vista font “Cambria”.

Sample of the Windows Vista font “Candara”.
Sample of the Windows Vista font “Consolas”.
Sample of the Windows Vista font “Constantia”.
Sample of the Windows Vista font “Corbel”.

It’s odd that all their names begin with the letter “c”. I am reminded of the business world urban legend that stated that Eiji Toyoda (as in “Toyota”) was told by a fortune teller that it would be good for his business if all his car models began with the letter “c” (Corolla, Corona, Camry…), which they did until recent years. Perhaps someone at Microsoft consults with the same fortune teller.

PowerPoint 2007 Icon

Matt Thomas points out an easy way to get these fonts without having to fork out the money for Vista and without resorting to illegal copying: by downloading the PowerPoint 2007 Viewer application (which lets you “play” PowerPoint decks without requiring you to have the full-blown version of PowerPoint 2007.) Part of the installation process is installing the six Vista fonts shown above.

Mac users: you can always download and install the viewer on the PC they make you use at work (or with Virtual PC), and then copy the files over to your Mac. Just a quick note: Matt writes that OpenType fonts — that’s what these fonts are — render quite poorly in Firefox 2. The problem should be fixed in Firefox 3.


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1 codeman38 March 10, 2007 at 1:39 am

Actually, PowerPointViewer.exe can be unarchived with StuffIt on OS X. No need for the expense of Virtual PC.

2 codeman38 March 10, 2007 at 2:03 am

Oops. I misspoke in my comment above (feel free to delete it). I thought StuffIt could extract the file, but this self-extracting archive seems to be different from most self-extracting CABs. Mea culpa.

However, the cabextract command line tool can do it. Alternatively, the shareware GUI tool File Juicer can convert it to a CAB that StuffIt can open. So it is still true that there is no need for Virtual PC.

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