A Hypothetical Co-Working Space in Downtown Toronto

Photo: Northwest corner of University Avenue and front Street, Toronto

The downtown location in question.

Jesse and I took at look at some primo office space in downtown Toronto today for our mobile software startup, CTS. Located a hop, skip and a jump away from Union Station, brimming with nearly 3,000 square feet of space, several offices within, featuring exposed wooden beams, brick walls and high ceilings as well as a big boardroom and even a shower, it’s a beautiful spot. It’s just a bit large and a bit pricey for a company of five. We talked about this with the people offering the space, and in doing so, we found that they’d be open to us sharing the space with other people. “As long as we’re getting rent for it,” they said.

On our way outside, I was struck by an out-there idea. “Jesse,” I said, “What if we took the space, used only the parts we needed, and rented out space to other people? Maybe as a coworking space?”

He looked at me in wide-eyed amazement, replying “I was thinking just the same thing!”

Here’s my question to people looking for great office space right in the heart of downtown, within striking distance of the financial district, Spadina, the TTC and GO Trains, the Island Airport and a zillion other things in the core: If we were to rent this place and then rent out desks — say for $550 a month — or even whole rooms, would you be interested?

Let me know, either my my work email or personal email, whichever you prefer.

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

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hey joey,

i believe coworking is awesome, of course, and that building certainly could be great. we had some folks in to our space specifically because of our proximity to union station, and they came in from brampton, ajax, hamilton, and alliston.

i’d love to chat with you about this. i’ll poke you by e-mail.

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