Build an augmented reality painting app at tomorrow’s Tampa iOS Meetup!

by Joey deVilla on September 25, 2017

Perhaps you’ve seen videos of Google’s Tilt Brush VR-painting rig and software in action:

How would you like to code a simple version that lets you do something similar, on an iPhone 6S or later, in about 15 minutes? Here’s what it would look like:

I used the app that I’ll show you how to write at Tampa iOS Meetup to draw “AR rules” in the middle of the Sourcetoad boardroom. Then, I walked to the right of my artwork:

And then its left:

And then behind it:

Do you want to learn the basics of ARKit so that you can start coding your own augmented reality apps for iOS? Come to Tampa iOS Meetup tomorrow, Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 p.m. at the Sourcetoad office, bring your Mac, and I’ll show you how!

Want to know more? The details are here.

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