xkcd on the Windows 7 Beta

by Joey deVilla on January 9, 2009

Even though this organization gives me a nice paycheque every two weeks for evangelizing:

Microsoft logo, featuring the evil monkey from "Family Guy"

…I still found today’s xkcd comic on the Windows 7 beta release funny:

"xkcd" comic on Windows 7Click the comic to see it on its original page.

The alt text for the comic does say "Disclaimer: I have not actually tried the beta yet.  I hear it’s quite pleasant and hardly Hitler-y at all."

By the bye, don’t quote me on this but I hear tell that the next Ubuntu release will do nothing but show Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond forming a sexy “Eiffel Tower” (see this post for an explanation) with Linus Torvalds in the middle. I’m just sayin’.


Quote of the Day

by Joey deVilla on June 17, 2008

“I’m a Vista user. I’m also a Prozac user now.” — Kevin Ryan at the Search Engine Strategies 2008 Toronto conference just now.


c|net cites an Evans Data report: “A recent report from Evans Data shows fewer than one in 10 software developers writing applications for Windows Vista this year. Eight percent. This is perhaps made even worse by the corresponding data that shows 49 percent of developers writing applications for Windows XP.” Here’s VentureBeat’s take on this report.


Lenovo’s Clever Counter-Ad to the MacBook Air

by Joey deVilla on May 1, 2008

This ad for Lenovo’s ultra-portable ThinkPad X300 is a pretty good counter to the ad for the MacBook Air

…but I think I’ll wait for the Mac version. The ThinkPad may boast that it’s the “no-compromise” machine, but the lack of Mac OS X is a big-ass compromise in my books. Especially when the OS likely to be bundled with this machine is:

I\'m Vista, featuring \"Hard Gay\"


Eric Sink on Windows XP and Listening to Customers

by Joey deVilla on April 28, 2008

Eric Sink on Windows XP and Listening to Customers: “My overall posture toward Microsoft is still friendly. I still use Windows every day…I’ve used Vista, and while I didn’t find it to be a compelling “must-have” upgrade, I rather liked it. But none of this means that I’m going to give my blanket agreement to every decision Microsoft makes. In this case, I object to Microsoft’s plan, not because Vista is so awful, but rather, because ignoring customers is so wrong.”


When I moved to my current position as Nerd Wrangler at b5media, I arrived to discover that the computer waiting for me was a Toshiba P200, a 17″ beast of a laptop that I’ve named “The Coffee Table”. This is the first time in about 5 years that I’ve worked with Windows as my primary operating system, and after a month in Vista, my feelings about operating systems are pretty much summarized by the picture below:

\"I\'m a Mac. I\'m UNIX. I\'m Vista.\"

More on my experiences in a later post.

[Image courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.]


When “We Remove Vista” Becomes a Selling Point

by Joey deVilla on January 31, 2008

Here’s a sign displayed in the window of A&D Computer in Milford, New Hampshire:

Sign in a Seattle computer store window: “We remove Vista / We install XP”

Here’s the relevant excerpt from Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog:

Shop manager Aaron Kaplan said they were prompted to put it up because so many people were having problems with Windows Vista, including compatibility issues with older software and trouble adjusting to the interface.

“A lot of people didn’t like using Vista, and a lot of the manufacturers forced people to go up to Vista,” he said.

What was the demand for the service? “We had a lot of people coming in and asking about it,” Kaplan said. “Of all the signs we put up there the last two years, at least, we probably got the most response out of that one. A lot of people coming in.”

Kaplan said they’ve since replaced it with a different message, but they’re thinking about putting the Vista removal message back up.