Union Workstation and Our Coworking Space Office-warming Party on Friday, February 1st!

union workstation

I spent most of this weekend moving stuff into Union Workstation, the office for my mobile tech consultancy / mobile app development shop CTS and coworking space. There’s still a fair bit of work to be done, but as of Monday, January 28th, 2013, Union Workstation will be in operation!

If you’re in the tech or creative fields and are looking for some prime shared office space in a great area of downtown Toronto, Union Station has a lot to offer, and we’re looking for people to fill our four office rooms. If you’re interested in taking a look, contact me at (647) 985-5639 or drop me a line at

And now, the tour!

The Building

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Union Workstation is located at 144 Front Street West, suite 655, at the corner of Front Street and University Avenue, with the main entrance between the Loose Moose and Jack Astor’s. We’re a stone’s throw away from Union Station (hence our name), the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the PATH and the financial district. The building is an old factory/warehouse that’s been nicely renovated; most of the offices within have some exposed brick walls and wooden beams, and the owners have taken great care to spruce up the hallways…


…and the bathrooms as well:


The owners are also in the process of installing a new cooling tower in order to improve the building’s air conditioning.

The Space

Here’s Union Workstation’s floor plan. My company, CTS, will take the open space just past the lobby and the small office in the southwest corner. The other four offices, named for local streets and subway stations, are available for rent:

Union Workstation floor plan

Click the plan to see it at full size.

The rental rates for each of the rooms are as follows:

Room Size Monthly rate
Simcoe 125 sq. ft. $1199
St. Andrew 203 sq. ft. $1599
Union 228 sq. ft. $1799
King 246 sq. ft. $1999


We’re also offering individual desks at $500/month. These rates include Beanfield’s 100meg internet service and cleaning staff.

Photo Tour

Here’s a quick tour of Union Workstation, featuring photos I took when we moved in:


cts office main


union room

st andrew room

king room

simcoe room



That’s right, Union Workstation has a shower! It’s perfect for bike commuters, and I plan to make use of it when biking in to work, which I do reasonably often.


move 1

We’ve had great luck so far with this place — not just with finding it, but also with furnishing it. Heather Williams and our friends at Axiom Metrics were moving offices and had a lot of desks, cubicles and tables that they needed to get rid of in very short order, for free! The stuff arrived Friday evening, and we’ve been assembling it all weekend.

Jesse and I have matching desks in the open area by the lobby. We’re more than happy to offer the rooms with doors to Union Workstation’s members. I don’t mind working in the open, and hey, someone has to be the coworking space’s “cruise director”…

move 2

We still have a number of nice executive-grade desks and bookshelves that can be reconfigured in a number of ways. They’re available to Union Workstation tenants on a first-come first-served basis — the sooner you sign up, the better your selection will be!

move 3

We also got a large set of cubicles. After doing a little work, we found a way to take these soulless veal-fattening pens and “furniture hack” them into handy-dandy desks with built-in pinboards, like the one shown below.

move 4

Last but not least, we also got Axiom Metrics’ old air hockey table!

move 5

Additional improvements to the place will be made over the coming weeks, but the best thing we can put into our coworking space is you!

The Office-Warming Party

office party

In order to celebrate our getting the space into operation as well as to introduce the community to Union Workstation, we’re holding a little beer-and-pizza get-together this Friday, February 1st, between 4 and 7 p.m.. Come on down, take a look at the space, get to know us and see if we’re right for you!

Once again, we’re at:
144 Front Street West, just west of University and Union Station
Suite 655 (6th floor)

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

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