Forbes Managing Editor Goes Without Cellphone, Blackberry and ‘Net Access, Ends Up in Tears

by Joey deVilla on February 20, 2007

[via Gizmodo] Here’s an interesting segment from the Today show in which Forbes managing editor Dennis Kneale participated in a feature called Could You Do Without? In it, he took the challenge of going without his mobile phone, Blackberry, email and internet access for a week. He missed appointments, bounced a couple of checks (since he was unable to do online banking), ran late for meetings (since his cellphone was also his watch) and after not being reachable by his six-year-old daughter who has committed his cellphone number to memory, broke down in tears. He’s pretty good-natured about it at the end, though — in the post-challenge interview with Matt Lauer, he says that the Forbes ad department is probably coming up with new slogans like “Read Forbes: We’re edited by crybabies!”


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