Humor Process

The first stand-up of the new year

4-panel comic — “Design Thinking!”

Panel 1. Scrum Master says “Here we go! First standup of the new year! You go first, Derek.” Derek says “Okay...”

Panel 2: “Yesterday I was stuffing leftover mince pies into my face and falling asleep on the sofa watching back-to-back James Bond films. Today I’m going to spend at least 4 hours trying to figure out what I was doing this time 2 weeks ago. No blockers.”

Panel 3: Another person starts. “Yesterday I got shitfaced in a nightclub and woke up this morning in a strange flat cuddling a poodle. Today I’m going to take copious amounts of co-codamol and pretend I remember what I do for a living. Blockers: my bastard pulsating head.”

Panel 4: Another person says “I plead the fifth.” The Scrum Master says “Welcome back, everyone.”

For more comics like this, see the Design Thinking! site.

Humor Programming

How coffee works

Graphic: “How Coffee Works,” showing that a person drinks coffee, the coffee turns into magic in their stomach, and code shoots out their fingers like wizard lightning.

100% accurate.

Artificial Intelligence Current Events Humor

That happened more quickly than I’d expected…

See my previous post for context.

Hardware Humor

I have to respect this seller’s title inflation

I saw this while perusing Facebook Marketplace for odd items (okay, I’ll admit it: accordions). While calling an old Casio calculator a “vintage computer” is title inflation, it’s also technically correct.

In fact, the seller could’ve gone a little farther by calling attention to its solar cell with phrases like “renewable energy-driven” or “green processing.”

Artificial Intelligence Humor

How generative AI might end up solving the world’s problems

Tap to view the neural network-driven “trolley solution” at full size.

You probably don’t want to know what’s in those hidden layers.

I wish I could take credit for it, but I didn’t come up with it; Eryk Salvaggio did, and he posted it on Mastodon.

Need context about those images of trolleys and tied-up people? You’ll want to look up the Trolley Problem thought experiment, followed by this collection of Trolley Problem memes.

Need context about the diagram? That’s a neural network, which is explained quite nicely in this article.

Career Humor

Don’t use AI for your “LinkedIn glamor shots”

Tap to view the uncanny valley at full size.

I know that it’s tempting to enhance your “LinkedIn glamor shots” with AI, but you’ll still get better results with a human professional photographer than Midjourney, as this actual pic from LinkedIn demonstrates.

Humor Programming

Every programming language has its time

“Every programming language has its time” featuring the “I used to be with it, but then they changed what ‘it’ was” scene with younger versions of Grandpa Simpson, Homer Simpson, and Barney Gumbel.

In case you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s the original scene from The Simpsons: