Artificial Intelligence Humor

When AI is asked to make a picture of salmon in a river

The resulting image is technically correct…

Artificial Intelligence Charts, Diagrams, and Infographics Humor

AI instructions for wall-mounting a TV

The viewing angle might not be so great, but on the bright side, it’s really easy to reach the TV’s HDMI ports!

(Also: ChatGPT didn’t draw those images; its image-rendering counterpart DALL-E did.)


“Why aren’t we moving faster?”

Large old-fashioned sailing vessel with two outdoor decks:

1. An upper deck that is a boardroom with a board meeting full of men in suits around a table, and

2. A lower deck with a single person rowing.

One of the board members says “I don’t get it... after all the vudget cuts to streamline the work force, why aren’t we moving faster?”
Hardware Humor Tampa Bay What I’m Up To

I only remember the joke version of “PCMCIA” was short for

I attended the swap meet held by the Neon Temple, Tampa Bay’s security guild, where attendees were selling, swapping, or simply giving away old tech gear and books they no longer needed.

That’s where I found and took a photo of the relic above: a PCMCIA card (a name that got shortened to “PC Card”), which used to be a way of adding peripherals to laptops. The card above was for a 56K modem, which means that it was likely used to download Backstreet Boys songs using Napster.

“What did they call those things before they shortened the name to ‘PC Card’?” someone behind me asked.

PCMCIA,” someone else replied. “Can’t remember what that was short for.”

I have a great memory for trivia, and even I couldn’t remember. I confessed: “I only remember the joke that it was short for ‘People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms’.”


“ is blocked”

Thomas Wolfe was right: you can’t go home again!

Business Humor

The eternal dance of the independent contractor

“The eternal dance of the independent contractor:” a painting from an old western paperback featuring two cowboys having a “High Noon” style showdown.

One cowboy says “What’s your rate?” and in response, the other says “What’s your budget?”

It’s funny because it’s true.

Humor Programming

What was your first debugger?

Mine isn’t even on this graphic! It was PRINT from good ol’ all-caps Microsoft BASIC with line numbers, which used to come built-in to what used to be called “home computers.”