I hate to break it to aspiring data scientists who don’t like math, but…

Angry cat glowering labeled “Aspiring data scientist” glowering in response to a salad bowl labeled “Linear algebra”.

It’s true — to do data science, you need to understand linear algebra. Luckily, it’s one of the less onerous branches of math; much easier than calculus, anyway.

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Watch this video: “What happened to text inputs?”

If you design or develop front ends, whether web, mobile, or even desktop, you really should watch the latest Web Briefs video by Heydon Pickering, What happened to text inputs?

Title card: “What happened to text inputs?", decorated with illustrations of three howling wolves and “type=‘silly’” and “type=‘pants’” tag attributes.
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The video starts with a twist on the classic parable, Inside you are two wolves. In this twist, one of the wolves is called “Adrian”…

Adrian wolf: A wolf wearing an “AltaVista” trucker cap, captioned with these bullet points:

- A user of the web
- Wants interfaces to be easy
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…and the other’s called “Chris”:

Chris wolf: A wolf wearing a “Macromedia” trucker cap, captioned with these bullet points:

- Designer for the web
- Wants to get ahead
- Has heard about “disruption”
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The video covers its topic very well, and very amusingly — stop messing with text input boxes and making them less usable! They should very clearly indicate that:

  • The user should enter some text into them (i.e. they should look like text inputs, and right now, the widely-understood convention is the text box)
  • What kind of text the user is expected to enter into them (i.e. use labels)
Examples of different text box styles, with the title “Only one of these is right!”

- text box, no label, placeholder as label
- Text box and label
- Text line and label
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The video also goes into topic such as why using text input value placeholders are a poor substitute for labels, as well as why the latest slew of aesthetic tricks are still worse than using a good ol’ text box and label.

If definitely worth checking out the video. Watch it now!


The brutal truth about NFTs

Panel 1: Man says “I’m so excited for our date!” and woman responds “Me too.”
Panel 2: Man and woman are confronted by male robber in a ski mask who tells the man “Empty your pockets!”
Panel 3: Robber holds up “Bored ape” picture and asks “Were you going to try to pay with an NFT?”
Panel 4: Robber and woman laugh at man.
Panel 5: We see the backs of the robber and woman who are walking away arm in arm while the man is left behind, looking dejected.

Current Events Editorial Humor

The current contender for “Most pathetic Tweet of the day” (so far)

Two-panel meme.

Panel 1: Michael Guimarin’s tweet: “Elon, there's a bunch of us in SV who will come up tonight to help on the infra side to keep the site up.”

Panel 2: Captioned scene from “King of the Hill”: “You know what’s not cool, Booby? Simping for billionaires on the internet.”
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Here’s the tweet:

I’m sure he imagines himself as a hero gathering a rag-tag team to save a village being attacked by monsters and not, as one astute tweeter put it:

Career Current Events Humor

Twitter employees: Today’s the day!

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Choose wisely.

Current Events Humor

“’ello, I wish to register a complaint!”

Thanks to Brandon Smith for the find!
Current Events Humor

Twitter: “The most expensive mid-life crisis ever”

Tweet by @zapatistique: “just occurred to me that the magnificence of the timeline this week is because this is a show about the most expensive mid life crisis ever, but narrated from the point of view of the sports car itself”