Samsung Introduces 64GB Flash Drive

by Joey deVilla on March 27, 2007

Samsing’s new 64gig solid state drive

Back in October, when I last wrote about flash drives — storage that your computer “thinks” is a hard drive but uses persistent RAM circuitry instead of spinning magnetic platters — the largest available one was 32GB, a little more than half the capacity of the hard drive on my main computer, a 12″ 1.33GHz G4 Aluminum PowerBook. Samsung have doubled the size of their previous offering and now have a model that packs 64GB in the same 1.8″ enclosure.

At 64GB, Samsung’s flash drive is now at the “minimum reasonable size” for a hard drive in a new machine (for “minimum reasonable size”, I use the smallest hard drive included with a current-model Apple laptop as my guide; Apple’s always been stingy with the hard drive capacity).

The advantages of Samsung’s 64GB solid-state drive over an 80GB traditional platters-and-heads drive are:

  • 4 times the read speed
  • More than 6 times the write speed
  • 75% less weight
  • 1/3 to 1/15th the power consumption
  • More resistant to impact

For more details, see the specs at the bottom of their press release.

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