Brandon Watson: The Windows Phone Champs’ Big Kahuna

by Joey deVilla on April 16, 2011

brandon watsonAs a Windows Phone "Champ" — one of a select group of developer evangelists whose job is to get developers to build apps for Windows Phone – I get a lot of direction from Brandon Watson, whose business card reads “Director, Developer Experience, Windows Phone”. The dude is smart, savvy in the ways of both business and geekery and driven in that way that only people who participate in Ironman triathlons are (yup, he does that). He’s exactly the sort of guy who should be heading up the developer experience part of Windows Phone.

eWeek has an article about him titled Brandon Watson: The Man Behind Microsoft`s Windows Phone Developer Push. In it, they talk about his background, how he sees his role, the upcoming stuff being delivered in the next update of Windows Phone, and the challenges that he and the Windows Phone Team and Champs face.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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