Sign of the Times (or: “Has $13,000 Worth of Camera Gear; Uses Phone Instead”)

by Joey deVilla on April 9, 2012

Photojournalist taking photo at the scene of an F-18 crash. She has lots of expensive camera equipment with her, but she's shooting a picture with her iPhone. Caption: "Has $13,000 of camera equipment / Uses phone instead"

Found via Reddit. Click to see at full size.

This is a photo of a photojournalist taking pictures at the scene of the recent F-18 crash in Virginia. She’s got at least 2 SLR-type cameras and 3 telephoto lenses that we can see, but in the photo, she’s taking a picture with a mobile phone, leading to the funny meme caption.

With all those fancy cameras at her disposal, why is she taking pictures with a phone? Probably because it can do what her cameras can’t: quickly send a photo, whether it’s to the news organization she’s working for, or quickly post it online.

Once again, I’m reminded of William Gibson’s quote from the short story Burning Chrome: “The street finds its own uses for things,” and that’s certainly the case for mobile tech.

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