Sexting (and Other Obsessive Mobile Device Activity) Predicted 100 Years Ago

Old Punch comic from 1906, depicting a man and a woman sitting on chairs in a park and facing away from each other. Each has a box on his/her lap that is spitting out a stream of telegraph paper tape, which they read intently: "DEVELOPMENT OF WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY IN HYDE PARK: These two figures are not communicating with one another. The lady is receiving an amatory message, and the gentleman some racing results."

Well before MAD magazine, there was the British satire comic publication Punch, a magazine that Flickr user Kip W (who found the comic above) says “pretty much did everything first, unless archaeologists should find another humor magazine that did everything before PUNCH, which seems pretty unlikely.”   Their prediction about what people would do with wireless communications, pictured above, was eerily prescient.

The comic above is from page 164 of A Century of PUNCH Cartoons, which was published in 1955. I may just have to purchase the print to hang up at the new office; if you’d like to buy one too, the Punch archive would only be to happy to sell you one at rates from £19 to £52 (about $31US – $83US).

Found via BuzzFeed by way of Cameo WoodThis article also appears in Mobilize!: The CTS Mobile Tech Blog.

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