Sarah Lacy at Startup Fest: “Silicon Valley’s Morality Crash”

by Joey deVilla on July 15, 2017

If you care about the state of the tech industry as a fair and equitable place to work, and you haven’t yet seen the Facebook Live video that tech evangelist Robert Scoble shot of tech journalist Sarah Lacy’s closing keynote at Startup Fest in Montreal, Silicon Valley’s Morality Crash — go and watch it now.

It’s an excellent and necessary takedown of the “bro culture” plaguing the tech world and Silicon Valley in particular. This culture is what brought about the idiocy at Uber, harassment of female startup founders at Binary Capital and 500 Startups, and “brogrammers” everywhere.

I’ve embedded the video below:

Considering the video was shot on a phone without a tripod, the quality’s not bad. The keynote was recorded by better cameras tied in directly to the sound system, so you should expect to see a higher-quality video in a couple of days.

Here are the slides that accompanied the keynote:

If you’d like to hear a “dress rehearsal” for Lacy’s keynote, check out episode 8 of Pankaj Mishra’s Outliers podcast, in which she talks about Silicon Valley’s sexism and “asshole culture”:

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