Tomorrow at the Tampa Bay UX Meetup: Workshop: Designing for the Future of TBUX!

Thursday is World Usability Day, and what better day for the Tampa Bay UX Meetup? Want to shape the future of one of Tampa Bay’s biggest meetups? Come tomorrow and take part in Designing for the Future of TBUX!

The event details

Here’s what they plan to do:

It’s time to celebrate in Tampa Bay with a workshop focused on designing the future of TBUX! The Tampa Bay UX 2019 Theme is Designing for the Future We Want. Design has a huge influence on people’s lives. What we design today can have a lasting impact on the world. Let’s use this year’s theme, “Design for the Future We Want”, to focus our work to improve the world through better experiences and create a better future together.

How do we design and build the future of the Tampa Bay UX group? What does UX look like in Tampa Bay? This event will be interactive and we’ll use the design thinking process to discover and test solutions to how we can better educate our communities about the value and craft of User Experience.

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