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Front end vs. back end

Funny because it’s (often) true.

(You might also want to check out this post of mine from 2018.)

Humor Process

Agile theory and agile practice, explained with Phoebe and Joey from “Friends”

Thanks to Renoir Boulanger for the find!

Design Hardware Humor

“Hey, Siri! Show me why Mac users have a reputation for being rich idiots.”

Current Events Humor Process

Security threats, shown as the people from “Tiger King”


Programmers — Before, during, and after COVID-19

It is nice work if you can get it.

Thanks to Kristan Uccello for the find!

Humor Process

This is what having to deal with new tickets in the middle of a sprint feels like

The only thing worse is when you complete those additional tickets and all management does is exclaim “That little droid did it!”

Here’s the relevant clip from The Phantom Menace for context:

Humor Programming

“This is just to say” (The 2020 edition)

This is just to say

I have fixed
the bugs
in the app

and which
you coded
and probably thought
were features

Forgive me
they were egregious
so basic
and so avoidable