Spider-Man on Chat Rooms

by Joey deVilla on October 29, 2009

Spider-Man: "I get into costume and boom, I'm the snarky wise-guy. Anonymity's liberating. There should be rooms where people could go to chat using fake identities. They'd spend hours being jerks to each other."

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

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Mario Learns an Important Lesson

by Joey deVilla on October 17, 2009



Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

by Joey deVilla on October 12, 2009

Comic featuring a man standing in an office on a desk with his pants pulled down, holding up a monitor and yelling "Thank you, internet!"

It’s the second Monday in October, which means it’s Canadian Thanksgiving (or in French, Jour de l’Action de grâce)! I’d like to wish you a safe and happy holiday and remind you to think of what you’re thankful for.


XKCD’s Tech Support Flowchart

by Joey deVilla on August 24, 2009

Give this to your non-techie friends and relatives who keep hitting you up for tech support:

XKCD's tech support flowchart


Know Your Cat Ports

by Joey deVilla on August 3, 2009


For more comics like this, see


My Current Desktop Background

by Joey deVilla on February 15, 2009

For those of you who love both martial arts and comic books, here’s a desktop that you might like: Green Dragon, featuring Bruce Lee as a Green Lantern

Green Dragon desktop, featuring Bruce Lee as a Green Lantern
Click to see it at full size (1600 by 1200 pixels).

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape his sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Get their asses kicked by Bruce, a’ight?


xkcd on the Windows 7 Beta

by Joey deVilla on January 9, 2009

Even though this organization gives me a nice paycheque every two weeks for evangelizing:

Microsoft logo, featuring the evil monkey from "Family Guy"

…I still found today’s xkcd comic on the Windows 7 beta release funny:

"xkcd" comic on Windows 7Click the comic to see it on its original page.

The alt text for the comic does say "Disclaimer: I have not actually tried the beta yet.  I hear it’s quite pleasant and hardly Hitler-y at all."

By the bye, don’t quote me on this but I hear tell that the next Ubuntu release will do nothing but show Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond forming a sexy “Eiffel Tower” (see this post for an explanation) with Linus Torvalds in the middle. I’m just sayin’.