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Vault Boy Goes to D.C., and It Doesn’t Look So Bad

by Joey deVilla on February 25, 2009

The Lincoln Memorial, with the "Vault Boy" bobblehead in the foreground

“Katharsyss” took a “Vault Boy” bobblehead (Vault Boy is the graphic mascot of the Fallout series of games) on a trip to Washington, D.C., and took photos of the city’s well-known sights with it in the foreground. It’s amusing because Fallout 3 is set in a future postapocalyptic version of D.C., which is a radioactive wasteland crawling with crazed super mutants, feral ghouls, radscorpions and raiders.

In case you’re not familiar with Fallout 3, here’s the teaser trailer for the game:

And here’s the Zero Punctuation review:

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