Making Long-Distance (Business) Partnerships Work

by Joey deVilla on April 28, 2008

Making Long-Distance (Business) Partnerships Work: “Technology makes it possible to run a business from practically anywhere on the planet. But what if your business partner lives in a different city or a different time zone? How do long-distance partners make it work? The answer appears to be with lots of planning and smart use of technology. And even in the best long-distance arrangements, an old-fashioned in-person meeting now and then seems to reignite the spark.”


10 Signs That Telecommuting Isn’t for You

by Joey deVilla on April 16, 2008

10 Signs That Telecommuting Isn’t for You. Among the signs listed in this TechRepublic article from January: you fall prey to distractions, you can’t sustain enough proactive contact with the office, you can’t function without a lot of structure, you hate missing out on collaborative opportunities and your manager can’t or won’t manage remotely. You can read the article either on its web page or download the PDF.