You Too Can Suck at Github with Chris Coyier!

by Joey deVilla on August 30, 2011

Chris coyier

HTML5/CSS guru, prolific webcaster and blogger, banjo player and all-round International Man of Mystery Chris Coyier is one of my fellow BarCamp Tour members and a friend of Shopify. He joined our friends at Wufoo, makers of web forms par excellence, who have since been acquired by SurveyMonkey.

If you get the chance to catch Chris at one of the upcoming BarCamps on the BarCamp Tour, do it! He’s a great presenter with lots of teach and an entertaining style in which to teach it. You can get a taste of a Chris Coyier presentation at CSS Tricks, where his 101st screencast, Let’s Suck at Github Together, walks you through Github with very little pain.

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.


31 Days of Silverlight

by Joey deVilla on July 2, 2009

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

July 2009 calendar showing each date as a Silverlight logo

31 Days of SIlverlight is a series of blog posts posted through the month of July by Microsoft Developer Evangelist Jeff Blankenburg (yes, the same guy behind the Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever, which was covered in the previous post).

For each day in July 2009, Jeff will post a fairly in-depth article on his blog covering some aspect of Silverlight development. He says that they’ll be “100- to 300-level in difficulty” (introductory to upper-intermediate) and will provide enough information for someone new to Silverlight could start from scratch building the examples.

So far, he’s posted two articles, both with plenty of examples and downloadable source code:

  1. Mouse Events in Silverlight
  2. Silverlight Screen Transitions

These first two articles are packed with information; with them alone, a Silverlight newbie should be able to build a HyperCard-like application or “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style game without much trouble. At this rate, by the time July is over, there’ll be enough material published in the series to make a decent book or course. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of 31 Days of Silverlight!


Websites You Shouldn’t Have Missed in April 2008

by Joey deVilla on April 29, 2008

Websites You Shouldn’t Have Missed in April 2008 is a collection of 52 links featuring graphic design tutorials, Ajax, CSS, tips for freelance workers, free fonts, icons and graphics, tools and generators, WordPress themes, typography sites and sites to inspire you. Well worth perusing.


FacebookRestClient’s “Friends” Methods

by Joey deVilla on August 2, 2007

T-shirt: “I Facebooked Your Mom”More tutorial goodness for those of you who are getting started writing Facebook apps, and especially if you’re attending next Tuesday’s Facebook Developer Garage [here’s the wiki page | here’s the Facebook event]: I’ve got another Facebook developer tutorial up on the Tucows Developer Blog. This one covers the “Friends” methods of the FacebookRestClient class.


Facebook developer wiki logoHey, budding Facebook developers! I’ve got another installment of my series of articles on Facebook development: Using the FacebookRestClient Class’ “Event” Methods, Part 2.


Woman at vintage computer with 8-inch floppy labelled 'Facebook'

Over at the Tucows Developer Blog, I’ve posted another Facebook development article: Using the FacebookRestClient Class’ “Event” Methods, Part 1, in which I look at the events_get method of the PHP FacebookRestClient class.


Woman at vintage computer with 8-inch floppy disk Photoshopped to have a Facebook label

If you were looking for a quick and easy way to get started developing Facebook applications (perhaps you’re attending the upcoming Facebook Developer Garage/Camp in Toronto), you’re in luck: I’ve written the first of a number of articles that tackle that topic. Head on over to the Tucows Developer Blog and check out Getting Started with Facebook Application Development.