“Duke Nukem Forever” Teaser Trailer

It’s out! Not Duke Nukem Forever, but its teaser trailer.

As I was watching the video, I kept thinking: Where’s the one liner?! I want the one-liner! Don’t worry. there’s one at the end.

Click here to see the video on its YouTube page.

If you want to get a higher-quality version of the video, this entry in the 3D Realms blog has all the details.

The question remains: will the game finally get released, and after all this time, will anyone care?

For those of you who’ve forgotten, here’s the trailer from Duke Nukem Forever, which was released at E3 1998:

Click here to see the video on its YouTube page.

4 replies on ““Duke Nukem Forever” Teaser Trailer”

Wouldn’t hold my breath. Seems like every few years another trailer or a bunch of screenshots get released. Then nothing for a while.
Personally I think 3DRealms just likes to mess with us. I don’t think they are ever planning to release the game.

Of course they’ll publish it, Jamie, it’d be worse than stupid if they worked on DNF for n years and claimed to be working on it.
I also think that this is the first time we see or hear anything real, new stuff about it since the 2001 stuff (I’m excluding the small thumbnail image from last spring). So it’s not “every few years” ;)

I’m not sure of how interested in this I am, but I believe we’ll see something solid by the end of 2008 :)

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