Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld’s Second Microsoft Commercial: Longer and Weirder

The first Microsoft commercial featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld established them as oddball buddies in a commercial running one minutes and thirty seconds. In the follow-up, they’re living with a suburban family as an exercise in being in touch with ordinary people and weirdness ensues. The version shown below is the long one — it runs for four minutes and thirty seconds, and features a teensy bit of technology and tech terms (for a brief moment, Gates talks about object-oriented design) and another “Bill, give me a sign!” ending.

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I see where they might be headed, and I have to say, Bill Gates is kinda likable, but I sure hope they improve their products as well. That more than anything will help them win people back.

New Microsoft Ads Are Hilarious And Creates A Buzz…

Microsoft’s latest ads are hilarious! I admit they are a bit strange and really don’t have much of a story or message. It could remind you about a certain sitcom featuring a certain actor with a certain last name.
The $300 millon ad campaig…

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