The story hidden inside Business Insider’s “More iPad Pros sold in 6 weeks than Surfaces sold in 3 months” story

business insider ipad pro 1

Here’s the story: Business Insider has posted a story with the lengthy title Apple’s gigantic iPad Pro outsold Microsoft’s entire Surface lineup last quarter — and it was only on sale for 6 weeks. They report that with a November 11 release date, Apple had only 6 weeks of the fourth quarter of 2015 in which to sell the iPad Pro, and in that time, they sold over 2 million units. In twice the time, Microsoft managed to sell fewer units of their entire Surface line: 1.6 million of them over the entire fourth quarter.

Here’s the story hidden inside that story: Like most online news outlets, Business Insider tries to squeeze a few more clicks and pageviews out of you by providing links to related stories also on their site. For this story, here are the articles they linked to:

business insider ipad pro 2

…and here are the IDC numbers they cited. Because Business Insider is really in the clicks-for-money business and not the “informing you” business, they made do with a crappy screenshot of IDC’s table of 4Q 2015 tablet sales:

screen shot 2016-02-01 at 1.22.28 pm

But because Global Nerdy is just Yours Truly sharing information because I can’t live any other way, I searched for the IDC news release that Business Insider refused to provide a link to (which I just did), and I took both their tables and turned them into these graphs:

top tablet vendors 1

Click the graph to see the information source.

top tablet vendors 2

Click the graph to see the information source.

Business Insider‘s reporting on the shrinking tablet market is correct. From 2014 to 2015, tablet sales shrank by 10.1%, with Huawei as the only top 5 vendor seeing growth. As for their prediction of the iPad’s Pro’s impending doom: if this is doom, I’d like some of that action, please!