Tech comic of the day: “Cutting out the middleman” by Jeremy Nguyen

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Why should Facebook and their ilk make all the money off my data? I want in on some of that action!

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Beginning ARKit

Want to learn to how write augmented reality apps for iOS devices? Check out Beginning ARKit, my video tutorial on, the premier mobile tutorial site!

In the tutorial, you’ll build the following apps while learning the fundamentals of developing apps using ARKit, the augmented reality development framework for iOS:

  1. Hello, Augmented World! A quick “Hello, World!” app to get your AR programming feet wet.
  2. Happy AR Painter. An app that lets you “paint” over the real world with 3-D objects.
  3. Raykea. Here’s a scaled-down version of “IKEA Place” — it lets you put virtual furniture into the room you’re in, and automatically adds posters to the wall.
  4. BaedekAR. A AR museum guide that identifies known works of 2-D art, draws their titles over them in AR text, which you can tap to find out more.
  5. BaedekAR 3D. A 3D version of BaedekAR, which identifies known 3-D objects.

Want a taste? Here are some excerpts…

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Current Events Tampa Bay Uncategorized

What’s happening in the Tampa Bay tech/entrepreneur/nerd scene (Week of Monday, November 4, 2019)

Tampa is the best small tech market in North America, and if you look at what techies are doing here — largely in their spare time, week after week — you’ll see why. They’re getting together, sharing their knowledge, exchanging ideas, hatching plans, helping each other, making friends, and building a community.

Here’s what’s happening in Tampa Bay this week!

This weekly list is posted as a voluntary service to the Tampa tech community. With the notable exceptions of Tampa iOS Meetup and Coders, Creatives and Craft Beer — both of which I run — most of this information comes from, EventBrite, and other local event announcement sites. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the dates and times listed here; if you want to be absolutely sure that the event you’re interested in is actually taking place, please contact the organizers!

Monday, November 4

On Monday, the coworking space Catapult Lakeland will host FUNDamentals: The Joinery Founders Jon and Sarah Bucklew. It’ll feature Jon and Sarah Bucklew, founders of Seventeen20, a handcrafted, industrial modern furniture design company, and The Joinery, a food hall, and craft brewery, and they’ll talk about one of the most difficult startup tasks: securing funding.

Tuesday, November 5

Hey, programmers! On Tuesday night, there are a couple of “What’s new” presentations that you might be interested in: C# 8 is here, what’s new? in St. Pete, and What’s new in Laravel 6 (the PHP framework) in Tampa.

Wednesday, November 6

The upcoming Tampa Bay Scrum Masters Guild meetup will feature Fred Mastropasqua presenting Scrum@Scale, created by Jeff Sutherland (one of the signatories of the Agile Manifesto and one of the creators of the Scrum development process) and described as “A framework within which networks of Scrum teams operating consistently with the Scrum Guide can address complex adaptive problems, while creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.”

Thursday, November 7

Disrupt the Bay bills itself as “a health tech conference with a cause,” that cause being pediatric cancer. It will feature a number of panels including one for healthcare leadership, a health tech mentoring panel featuring Dr. Richard Munassi of Tampa Bay Wave and Brian Kornfeld of Synapse Florida, a keynote by Jay Samit, author of Disrupt You!, and a VIP reception.

Friday, November 7

The Lean Coffee premise is simple: build better agile communities by holding structured, collaboratively-steerd agile discussions of Agile over coffee — and nice and early, so that you can still get to work on time! There are two happening in the area on Friday — one in Tampa, and the other in St. Pete.

Saturday, November 8

Sunday, November 9

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Chris Hallbeck’s motivational trick

Chris Hallbeck’s “Avoiding” comic.

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If you need motivation to work on a project that you’ve been putting off for a long time, or are hamstrung with regret about putting it off for so long, Chris Hallbeck’s time-travel motivational trick might be just what you need. Who among us hasn’t wanted to go back in time at least once for a do-over?

Thanks to Peach Flambée for the find!