T-shirt of the day

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If you don’t get it, ask a friend who knows computer networking. Alternately, you could do a little Googling…


The general idea behind VPNs

Unfortunately, VPNs don’t finish their tasks with a great song-and-dance scene.

Humor Security

I’ll admit it: This Facebook trick question impressed me.

Look at that stat: 87,672 shares. I wonder how many people posted an answer.

I should come up with a list of the other common security questions, cleverly re-phrased.

Hardware Humor

If you thought it was bad when your COMPUTER decides to update while you’re in the middle of something…

Tweet by @robdaemon. Tap to see the source.

…wait until your IoT grill does it.

I need to look up this grill to see what its embedded controller does. Aside from…

  • reporting its current settings and temperature, and
  • some limited ability to control it remotely (very limited, if at all — the computers in IoT devices are cheap and insecure, and attackers can cause all sorts of mischief with a networked propane tank)…

…what else does it do that needs an update, never mind an update big enough to interfere with cooking?

Humor Process

We’ve all been the dog

You really should listen to the “egineering” team, and it wouldn’t hurt for some “egineers” to work on their communications and sales skills.

Humor Programming

Me, with my calls to print() vs. you, with your fancy debugger

print() (or printf()) works for these pros…

…and it works pretty nicely for me, too.

Humor Process Programming

The third kind of “free”

Photo: Old mattress on the side of the road, waiting for pickup
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If you’re into open source, you’re probably aware of the different kinds of free, thanks to the expressions “Free as in beer” and “Free as in speech”. 

If you’ve dealt with some particular open source codebases, you’ve probably also internalized a third kind of free: Free as in mattress.