Hardware What I’m Up To

New life for an old Raspberry Pi with a 3.5″ touchscreen

Since getting my Raspberry Pi 4 as part of the cybersecurity course I took last summer, I haven’t done any work with my older Raspberry Pi 3, which is still a decent computer, especially considering its size and price. That all changed when I finally unboxed my Kuman 3.5″ LCD display, (a steal at $20) […]

Entrepreneur Tampa Bay

Find out more about Tampa’s tech and startup scene

If you want the most up-to-date overview of Tampa Bay’s startup scene, you’ll want to check out Startup Guide: Tampa Bay. It was just published yesterday, and it’s written by Dan Holahan of Embarc Collective, a startup accelerator/incubator/coworking space located near downtown Tampa. Dan’s writeup covers: A quick summary of “The Other Bay Area” Tampa […]

Career What I’m Up To

How I landed my job at Auth0

The opportunity I first became aware of opening for a “Senior R&D Content Engineer” at Auth0 on August 18th. You can see the job description here. I did my research — because of course I did my research — and Auth0 turned out to be a very interesting opportunity for a number of reasons: The […]

Current Events Tampa Bay

August episodes from Tampa Bay’s tech podcasts

I thought I’d try a new feature for the end of each month: A listing of the month’s episodes from Tampa Bay tech podcasts! Here are the ones I know about, listed from newest podcast on the block, to one that’s been around for years. Friends That Code Friends that Code is the newest podcast […]


“My code isn’t working” is a great problems-and-solutions flowchart for Python programmers

Dr. Martin Jones, the author behind the book and site Python for Biologists, has come up with a chart to help Python programmers when their code doesn’t work and they can’t figure out why. He writes: A few times a year, I have the job of teaching a bunch of people who have never written code […]

Programming What I’m Up To

A more Pythonic approach to one of my “Capture the Flag” solutions

In my article about the Capture the Flag at The Undercroft in which I recently participated, I wrote about my solution to this particular challenge: Your answer lies in the 1’s and 0’s… 0010111 00001111 00010111, 00011001 00001111 10101 00000001 00010010 00000101 00010010 00001001 00000111 00001000 00010100 (Make sure to use the comma, and spaces […]

Reading Material Security Tampa Bay

My list of links from class discussions during UC Baseline’s InfoSec week

During the Information Security week of the UC Baseline cybersecurity program, the instructors asked us a lot of questions whose answers we had to look up. As a way to maximize participation, we were encouraged to share lots of links of the class’ Slack channel, which also functioned as a backchannel, as well as a […]