Update on Creative Labs’ PR Nightmare

by Joey deVilla on March 31, 2008

Villagers with pitchforks storming the Creative Labs castle

Creative Labs’ PR nightmare (you can find out more here) continues. Consumerist covers the story in their piece, Creative Sparks Customer Revolt When It Tries To Silence Third-Party Programmer, in which they make the astute observation:

Rule of thumb for bad news in the mainstream media: release it Friday so it’s buried over the weekend. Rule of thumb for the web: don’t infuriate thousands of your customers right before you decide to tune out for 48 hours.

A boycott site has been set up: BoycottCreative.com.

And finally, the Creative Labs forum posting that started it all, Message to Daniel_K, has grown to 171 pages as of this writing, most of it being “I will never buy a Creative Labs product again”-type messages.

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