Have You Been to MSDN Lately?

by Joey deVilla on December 1, 2010

new look msdn 1

If you haven’t dropped by the MSDN site lately, you might not know that it’s been redesigned so that it’s easier to get started developing for Microsoft’s platforms. Near the top of the home page are giant links to the “Three Screens and the Cloud” – that is:

new look msdn 2

Each zone has these sections:

  1. A video explaining the sort of development covered
  2. An overview of the Microsoft tools and technologies you can use for that sort of development
  3. A “get the tools” link
  4. “Build your first application” tutorials complete with source code
  5. Links to resources to help further your learning

Give the new MSDN a look!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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1 Daniel December 1, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Unfortunately, MSDN still lacks the basic characteristic of a search engine: ranked search.
Which means that when I search for “deployment in cloud”, only the 6th result contains “deployment in cloud” instead of the first one.

After so many years, MSDN (or Bing) search is still crappy. Maybe they should use Lucene.net because it supports ranked search.

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