Don’t Let Your Desk Be a Security Liability

Typical office desk with a laptop, smartphone, keys and laptop bag on it - "What's wrong with this picture? (From a security point of view)"

One of the issues that we cover at CTS when helping companies devise their mobile strategy is security and risk. Mobile devices, while incredibly useful and handy to the point that we wonder how we lived without them, present many opportunities to lose important and sensitive data and leave yourself open to angry customers and legal action.

You might think that desktop security is outside our area of interest, but it’s not. After all, whether using mobile devices or not, many of our customers work from a desk, and desks present all sorts of opportunities for someone to leak data. We’ve also found that a lot of the security precautions that one can take at a desk are either applicable to mobile devices or have some applicable analogue. With that in mind, we’d like to point you to CSO Online’s latest version of their “Clean Desk Test”, which explains why a messy desk is a security hazard and why keeping your desk neat helps keep your information secure. You might want to look at CSO’s previous version of the clean desk test for more ideas.

This article also appears in Mobilize!: The CTS Mobile Tech Blog.

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