What’s Happening with the Coworking Space I’m Starting

Photo of corner of Front Street and University Avenue in Toronto: "Awesome coworking space at an amazing location with cool people"

We’re this close to getting the coworking space up and running.

A Potential Name

One of the things we have yet to determine is a name. I put out a request to my friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and while they came up with some interesting suggestions, my favourite name remains “Union Workstation”.

union workstation

I think it has a rather nice ring to it. It also very clearly alludes to how close it is to Toronto’s Union Station, which is a major subway, commuter train and VIA Rail station, which makes the place easy to get to, even for people who live deep in the ‘burbs.

A Lucky Break with Furniture

On Thursday, my friend Heather Williams posted the following in Facebook:

furniture 3

Lovely people of Toronto — do you have an office in need of a furniture upgrade? Looking for some cubicles or desk items/filing cabinets?

My office is moving and we can’t fit the current stuff in the new place so it all needs to move out before end of January. Free to a good home – just come and get it (office is near Pearson).

We have 7 of the cherry wood desk sets (with matching shelving) and 6 cubicles with divider walls. We also have various filing cabinets, chairs and shelving units. All in great shape.

Our movers can assist with the removal of these items when they are moving our stuff if you want to coordinate that and pay for just that portion of the job and delivery to your location (or bring your own van and cart it away).

Give me a shout if any interest!!

furniture 2

Chris Glynne alerted me to Heather’s posting, and I contacted her immediately. Her work was only too happy to get rid of the stuff, and we were only too happy to take it off her hands…for free-as-in-we-pay-nothing!

furniture 1

Furnishing a coworking space is always a big challenge, and I’m glad that we lucked out with this catch. Thanks, Heather and Axiom!

Floor Plans

Once again, here are the floor plans for the space:

If you’d like to claim a desk or a whole office, drop me a line ( or give me a ring (647-985-5639). Let’s talk!

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

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hi there…! just like you i am also starting my own coworking space
here’s the detail about my space:

Name: Location63

Location63 is Cebu’s first Co-working space complete with state-of-the art technology and great networking hub providing entrepreneurs a perfect place to build their business, meet with like-minded individuals and achieve their personal goals.

We are located near from the city and also in Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The taxi’s and jeepney’s stops right on front of the building.
Moreover, there are some good restaurants nearby and malls.

Services included :
-Wifi Internet
-10MB Up & Down
-Very Nice Lounge
-Private Conference Room
– Kitchen, microwave, fridge

Please contact us to visit.

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