Sourcetoad is looking for a full-stack developer!

Do you live here or nearby? (Photo of Tampa wall mural.)

Do you know these? (Icons for PHP, Python, JavaScript, ReactJS, SQL.)

Do you want to work on interesting projects like these? (Photos of a cruise ship, anime, a medical worker with an iPad, children using computers as school, a scientist testing water quality in a pond, a smartphone in a hand.)

Would you like to work with gear and swag like this? (Photo of my Sourcetoad-assigned MacBook pro, dual monitors, and more.)

Are you comfy with a non-corporate dress code? (Photo of CEO Greg Ross-Munro in a Sourcetoad t-shirt and utilikilt.)

Would you be able to work with this guy? (Photo of Joey deVilla on accordion performing in front of a room full of developers.)

Have you always wanted to work someplace with a 5-star Glassdoor rating? (Screenshot of Glassdoor’s page for Sourcetoad.)

We’re looking for a full-stack developer! (Picture of Sourcetoad logo.)

That’s right, we’re looking for a full-stack developer with strong problem-solving skills, solid javaScript chops, experience with Python or PHP and a track record of building applications with large user bases. You can find out more about the position — and if interested, apply for it — at Stack Overflow Jobs.

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