Hardware Humor

Two printer posts; one printer truth

I saw these two posts about printers this morning — one on Twitter, the other on Facebook, in a neighborhood forum where someone was asking for office equipment and furniture that people were no longer using:

I find that I use our home printer about once a year, typically for printing a letter that I need to enclose with a paper form that I’m sending via snail mail.

How often do you use your printer at home (if you have one) these days?


Programmer joke of the day

Don’t forget that there’s a really, really, really good deal on Python books for the next few days!

Thanks to Ryan Rossman for the find!


Is work not challenging enough? Maybe you need a “Vertical QWERTY” keyboard!

Tap the image to see the original Tweet.

Take the U.S. “QWERTY” keyboard layout, turn it on side and you get this monstrosity.

Tap the image to see the original Tweet.

This keyboard is the creation of one “Foone Turing” (@Foone on Twitter), who swapped the key covers on a keyboard and used Microsoft’s Keyboard Layout Creator utility to define the new layout for Windows.

Tap the image to see the Ukulele page.

Mac users who want to self-flagellate with Vertical QWERTY can use Ukulele to define the new keyboard layout.

Foone took the keyboard on a test run with a classic game: Police Quest 2 by good ol’ Sierra On-Line

Humor Programming

Why just increment when you can increment ANIME STYLE?

Unfortunately, you can do neither in Swift. The ++ operator has been gone since Swift 3, and the closest Swift will let you get to the cool anime way of incrementing is i -= -1. There has to be a space between the -= and -1; otherwise you get hit with this error message: Use of unresolved operator ‘-=-‘

Design Humor Programming

Front end vs. back end

Funny because it’s (often) true.

(You might also want to check out this post of mine from 2018.)

Humor Process

Agile theory and agile practice, explained with Phoebe and Joey from “Friends”

Thanks to Renoir Boulanger for the find!

Design Hardware Humor

“Hey, Siri! Show me why Mac users have a reputation for being rich idiots.”