Hoodie as Laptop Bag

by Joey deVilla on March 29, 2010

Maybe it’s me, but I think that this setup is asking for Murphy’s Law to attack when you least expect it. However, if you’re short a laptop bag and have a hooded sweatshirt handy, this hack might work for you:

Photo instructions: "Just Do It: How to transform your hoodie into a computer sleeve"

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.


One of the Reasons I Love Working in High Tech

by Joey deVilla on February 10, 2009


The nice thing about working in high tech, as the caption for the photo above says, “mod styles are an accepted way of life”. I have got to grow me some serious muttonchops like the gentleman pictured above!


Nerd Costumes

by Joey deVilla on October 22, 2008

I’m going to a wedding where the dress code is “a little antiquey and a little Hallowe’en-y”. I’ve chosen to interpret that as steampunk and decided that one good place to locate the right accoutrements for my outfit would be Malabar, an Accordion City costume shop that’s been supplying theatres, the opera, renaissance faires and costume party-goers for decades.

While looking around the store, I passed by a wall of quick costume kits, which included not one but two nerd costume kits, both of which are modelled after the “IBM COBOL programmer circa 1960” stereotype, on which John Hodgman’s “I’m a PC” character is based:

Nerd cosutme kit, featuring glasses, bow tie, "Hello my name is" sticker and pocket protector

Nerd costume kit, featuring glasses, "Dilbert" style tie, tech support ID badge and pocket protector

If you really want to see a truly nerdy costume, wait until next week when I post my photos from the wedding.