One Possible Upside to the Disney-Marvel Team-Up

by Joey deVilla on August 31, 2009

"Kingdom Hearts" featuring Marvel characters

Anthony Suarez suggested a possible upside to Disney’s purchase of Marvel: there’s potential for a really interesting sequel to the game Kingdom Hearts.


Disney Buys Marvel

by Joey deVilla on August 31, 2009

Spider-Man, Wolverine and the cast of "High School Musical"

My spider-sense is tingling, and not in a good way: Disney is buying Marvel Entertainment (yup, that Marvel, as in Spider-Man, the X-Men and so on) for $4 billion in stock, acquiring the rights to all their characters. Soon we’ll see the cast of High School Musical as the newest young mutants to join Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and a Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and the Jonas Brothers.

I feel like this:

Peter Parker in an alley, walking away from the Spider-Man costume he just dumped in the trash

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