One Possible Upside to the Disney-Marvel Team-Up

"Kingdom Hearts" featuring Marvel characters

Anthony Suarez suggested a possible upside to Disney’s purchase of Marvel: there’s potential for a really interesting sequel to the game Kingdom Hearts.

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Eventhough the union of these 2 giants – Disney and Marvel looks a bit off , the fact is that the 2 would merge is purely business at this stage. Marvel would definetly do better inside Disney than outside . i read Here that one of the factors was also grabbing the young male attention which is overall lacking at Disney (with shows such as Hanna Montana & the Jonas brothers.

Ok sinking Disney buys Marvel group. As a comic book fan I am not to thrilled with this. Disney would face persecution for putting out a violent film. Comics especially marvel are violent. When X-men already has 3 movies and Spiderman has 3 movies what do you have left? The answer alot…. You can redo all of the Spiderman and X-men movies as there is an enormous wealth of material. You own Iron man, fantastic Four, Hulk, not to mention Thor, Silver Surfer, Avengers, etc. etc. In my opinion Marvel should have stayed its own entity as Stan Lee was one of the greatest creative genius’s of our time. Marvel stories must have an edge that Disney can not provide. Get ready for campy, lame comic characters aimed towards the younger audience. Disney needs to get out of the 50’s and wake up.

Disney owned dimension films. dimension put out Scream. Disney put out Scream. Also, Hellraiser series and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. That’s right, boys and girls, Disney put out Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! Nothing to fear.

i love marvel to death and i love kingdom hearts to death.
but please do not put the two together. i beg you disney!

I must admit this match seems strange at first , but after the last management moves in Disney and the increase in Disney’s stock – i would definitely back it up.
And mentioning UP ……. The movie is nominated for Best Film Award – Not Best Film in Animation but Best Film . This was achieved by another Pixar movie in the past – Disney Cars

I love marvel to death and disney to death but I like to disney put some marvel characters because it could be the best game i ever played in whole entire life. I can’t wait anymore for the release date to KH3

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