Listen…Shh…To What the Blogging People Say…

The mainstream shouts out to Technorati:

Corporations are growing increasingly conscious of the power, and potential pitfalls, of blogging. A favorable review from an influential blogger can help generate the kind of buzz around a new product that traditional advertising struggles to achieve. A negative write-up can help doom a product before it even hits the market.

Now many American brands, and some brands in other countries, are starting to include blogs in their marketing plans, and are catering to them at a much earlier stage.

Blogs are like the Marines: a brand can have "No better friend, no worse enemy," and companies whose key buyers live online are wise to tune into the conversation. The blogosphere isn't just an information-rich environment for marketers, it can also serve investors too. As VC Ed Sim points out, companies like Monitor 110 are attempting to use blog chatter as a Distant Early Warning for institutional investors.


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