Jason Calacanis Swiped Our 5-Step Plan for Becoming an A-Lister!

At last, we have proof that Jason Calacanis is using some kind of mind-reading technology capable of penetrating the protective-but-jaunty tinfoil chapeaus that George and I wear: he's stolen yet another one of our ideas and given it away as his own — for free — at his Blog Business Summit keynote.

Since he's already made off with our super-seekrit plan for becoming big-time blogosphere stars, we might as well give them away ourselves — or better yet, steal Tris Hussey's coverage on Calacanis' session at the Tucows Blog. Here it is — our five-step program for becoming an A-lister, as stolen from our brains by Jason “That Dirty Plagiarist” Calacanis:

  1. Go to Techmeme.
  2. Blog something intelligent about the top story of the day.
  3. Link to and mention all the people who have said something intelligent.
  4. Repeat for 30 days.
  5. Go to a couple of conferences a month.

Calacanis, whom we're thinking of referring to as “Plagiarismo”, also stole our favorite thing to say to those people at blogging conferences who whine about their inability to break into the A-list or even the B-list. Here it is, courtesy of the blog Pro PR

Blogging is the biggest meritocracy in the world. It’s not broken. You don’t rank? It’s because you suck.

How well you do is up to you. It really is obnoxious to look at the space and say it’s broken because you’re not doing well. If you want to succeed, do a better job.

Here are some choice places to see coverage of Calacanis' keynote, which apparently features ideas that he didn't steal from us. Mind you, he might've stolen them from other people…

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