Hockey Night on Google

A quick post that will betray my Canadian roots:

The National Hockey League has annunced a new multi-year video content deal with Google Inc., making full-length games from the '06-07 season and some classic games available for online purchase on a 48-hour, tape-delay basis.

"This is obviously an on-demand world where people want what they want, when they want it, and where they want it," said NHL Interactive CyberEnterprises President Keith Ritter. "Google is a place where we definitely need to be."

Discussions about a future video content deal with Apple are still ongoing, Ritter said, as are efforts to offer live streaming of games online.

No word on whether Don Cherry will get his own show on Google Video, where he criticizes European search engines.

With being touted as the belle of the online sports media ball, it's no surprise that the NHL is trying to get their digital ice, uh, Zamboni-ed? Whatever. I'm just happy I'll be able to follow Les Habitants from afar without having to buy a whole slate of games that are of no interest to me.

The videos will be free for the next two weeks, so drop the gloves!


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