That Slippery Wii Remote

I've got my hands full with a PS2, XBox 360, a handful of software projects and a life, so the Wii is not likely to be part of my hi-tech entertainment altar in the near future. There's another factor: aside from good looks, a quick wit and a bon vivant approach to life, I have also inherited this from my father: sweaty palms.

Given that the Wii's control — the Wiimote — is a motion-sensitive thing that you're encouraged to wield and movelike a sword, a fishing rod or gun, depending on the game, it comes with a strap that users are encouraged to wear in order to prevent it from accidentally being sent flying across the room. Ed Burnette points to a YouTube video demonstrating what happens when a sweaty-handed player loses his grip:

Nintendo has issued a safety bulletin that explains the proper use of the Wiimote's strap, complete with these rather airline-safety-card-like diagrams:

Graphic showing application of Wiimote strap.

Graphic showing adjustment of Wiimote strap.

Included in the safety bulletin is this bit of sage advice:

Hold the Wii Remote firmly
and do not let go.

“Damn,” I can hear some Wii owners saying, “Now they tell me!”

Burnette suggests that Wii oweners might want to get their paws on Wiimote protective sleeves:

Glove for Wii controller

or perhaps the skid-proof glove:

Skid-proof glove for Wii users

Meanwhile, the jokers at the Penny Arcade webcomic suggest that it's some Wii users' lifestyle choices that are ruining their gaming experiences…

Snippet from a 'Penny Arcade' comic about the Wii control slipping from user's hands.