If (youCanReadThisAd) You.get(job);

Man holding up 'HELP WANTED' sign.

There's a funny Craiglist New York ad for a web developer. Written in language that is very close to “legal” C# (I gave it a quick peek, and even put it into Visual Studio just to be double-sure; it won't compile), it lists these details:

  • The successful candidate will get a fast machine with dual monitors
  • The job is located in midtown Manhattan
  • The application will be implemented in C# and ASP.NET
  • They would prefer it if you had experience with the following:
    • Microsoft CMS
    • SQL Server
    • XSLT
    • JavaScript
    • Design Patterns
    • Technical Architecture
    • UX Design

What the ad doesn't reveal is the name of the company — at least not directly anyway. You have to figure out the company name by writing a program to decrypt perqvgfvtugf using the ROT13 algorithm, and then submit the code for your decryption program to the company.

It's a cute way to promote the position, and the “make the ad look like code” tactic seems to have worked: it's already near the top of the list at Reddit.