RFID Lowdown's 51 Uses for the Mark of the Beast

RFID chip

Over at RFID Lowdown, they've got a list of 51 “cool, surprising and scary” futuristic uses for RFID tags, and hey, not all of them are privacy-threatening. Here are a few:

  • Tracking cars for location data and traffic reports and to prevent theft
  • Following things through manufacturing/processing, whether it's food or products
  • Following things through the supply chain, as it changes from a tree into Kleenex
  • Navigation aids for the handicapped
  • Replacements for the postage stamp
  • Tagging items to prevent theft/shoplifting; tagging Alzheimer's patients who are prone to wandering
  • As “dongles” to prevent unauthorized access to computers
  • Tagging patients so that doctors don't perform the wrong procedures on them; tagging medicine so that you get reminders to take them or not to take the wrong ones
  • Shopping: Having your shopping cart say “people who bought what you boguht also bought…”, dynamic pricing, self-scanning checkout
  • Dealing with clutter or large collections of items
  • Telling if the soccer ball really did cross the goal line
  • RFID-tagged clothes so that your smart closet will tell you not to wear that shirt with those pants
  • Sorting garbage and recyclables: so your smart bin can tell you which goes where