Amanda Congdon: Today, ABC News; Tomorrow, "The View"

Amanda Congdon

Amanda Congdon, this website defector of 2006, has landed a position at ABC News' website, and the New York Times has covered this latest career move:

Now in the warm embrace of the mainstream media, this onetime indie figure is making online video segments on eclectic subjects. And ABC is meanwhile promising its groovy young girlfriend that she won't have change a bit, even for corporate events: no first-lady suits, no hot-roller hair, no mannequin makeup. Ever. On her first minishow, which became available yesterday on ABC's Web site, Ms. Congdon shows up in a taut Steely Dan T-shirt and opens with her trademark girly casualness: “O.K., this is weird.”

Is it me, or are the staff writers at the Times really aping the style of the Daily Show these days?

The article skips the boring stuff, such as the details about her new position at ABC and a guesstimate of what it pays and jumps to what readers really want: an analysis of her trademark “cute girl at the comic book store” style, complete with references to Peter Jennings' “Apollonian reason” and drawing parallels between her and Walter Cronkite.

As Amanda herself would say, “O.K., that was weird.”