The Big (Sim) Apple

Now for something completely devoid of iPhone commentary. Via Gothamist comes the New York City Journal, a blog chronicling New York within SimCity.

Welcome to the New York City Journal blog! Your source for news and updates about my project of creating a 3D replica of the Big Apple. This recreation goes beyond a static 3D model, this replica actually comes to life in Maxis/Electronic Arts simulation and city-building computer game, SimCity 4. It will include many true to life details of New York all the way down to street level.

The project has been in the works for more than three years and is dedicated to replicating the five boroughs in SimCity. The blog will have features chronicling real news within the city, tourist information/guides, and much more.

The site's author has clearly spent hours painstakingly reproducing Gotham in Sim form, and has used the Journal to take readers on tours of the lesser New York islands (such as Randall's and Ward's Island, Riker's Island, and Governor's Island). Seeing where you live represented in SimCity's quirky perspective proves to be pretty absorbing.

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