"You" are Time's Person of the Year — But Don't Tell Chrysler!

Cover for Time's 2006 person of the year: you.

You've probably heard by now that we — er — “You” are Time magazine's person of the year. Let me tell you, this wasn't how I planned to get that title.

I'm that this title will please some people, make some others groan and will probably annoy the hell out of one of their advertisers. Case in point: if you were to navigate to Time's “Person of the Year” section as of this writing, you'll be treated to this Chrysler Sebring ad first:

Screenshot of Chrysler Sebring ad for Time's 'Person of the Year' article.

Here's a closer look at that video window in the center of the page:

Closeup of video window in Sebring ad, reading 'You might not be Time Person of the Year.'

Well, if there's something positive to say about this, it's that it would appear that there is a “Chinese wall” between Time's editorial and advertising departments…

(Found via Reddit, via Daily Kos.)