Kathy Sierra on the Dumbness of Crowds

Dr. Hibbert from 'The Simpsons'.

Does anyone remember the Simpsons episode in which Doctor Hibbert says ruefully “We've given the word 'mob' a bad name”?

There's a reason that the phrase “design by committee” is an insult, and Kathy Sierra does a good job covering why in her latest posting to Creating Passionate Users titled The Dumbness of Crowds.

'Wisdom of Crowds' design results in safe, well-balanced non-offensive products, while designs by individuals produce risky, unbalanced, astonishing ideas.

Kathy's prowess at explaining concepts and then making them stick in your head is second to none. She's in fine form with this article, which she closes with a memorable catchphrase that's sure to end up on a Successories poster someday:

No matter what, I believe that in our quest to exploit the “We” in Web, we must not sacrifice the “I” in Internet.