PCs come off better in Apple's ads than in Microsoft's own marketing

I take back every nice thing I said about Windows Home Server in my post below. Every last word. Why? Because Microsoft has decided that this irritating jerk would be the best way to overcome the difficulty of selling the idea of servers into the home:

One visit to this site and I've gone from thinking that Microsoft was well-intentioned, but confused, to believing they're blinkered, arrogant, and tone-deaf. Is this Dr Blowhard Moron, MD, character meant to represent how Microsoft helps me, or does this cross-dressing, plushie-fondling granny represent me, the hapless home user? This guy is an idiot.

They're insane.

And, yes, I know Microsoft's been running this "viral" site for a few weeks now (at least), but I hadn't bothered taking a look until today.

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