The "Microsoft Tried to Doctor Wikipedia" Story

I'll write more on it later (and so will many others), but for now, let me point you to the big story of the day: the Australian paper The Agereported that Microsoft offered to pay Rick Jelliffe, CTO of the Sydney-based company Topologi to edit Wikipedia articles on the new Office XML format, the often-derided Open Office XML.

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To be fair, Jelliffe himself wrote about the Microsoft offer two days ago. His take is that he is basically acting as a sort of technical editor, removing egregious falsehoods from the wiki and adding a little balance to it.
I don't know that I'd call it doctoring so much as protecting the integrity of the brand (or standard, in this case). I'm sure your corp would do the same if someone started injecting a bunch of untrue technical bafflegab into articles about Tucows.

This gets a big Ho Hum from me. They weren't trying to get him to write rah-rah-rah praise for it, they were looking for another avenue to review technical inaccuracies. All they asked was for some independent review to look at what's there, what MS believes is actually true, and then make changes if they were warranted.

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