I guess we're going to have to drop Cory's name into casual conversation more often.

Hmm…no link to the review of Overclocked running in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly (which was started, incidentally, by another Web celeb, Jeff Jarvis), so here's what Noah Robischon is saying:

If you want to glimpse the future of copyright policing, video-game sweatshops, robotic intelligence, info war, and how computer geeks will survive the apocalyse, then this collection of shorts is your oracle. Studio Pitch I, Robot meets Dr. Strangelove. Lowdown The four-page opening fable is as absorbing and prescient as the gruesome 76-page war story that ends the book. Doctorow is rapidly emerging as the William Gibson of his generation. A

Kubrick, Asimov, and Gibson, all mentioned in reference to Web Celeb and Young Global Leader herr professor doktor Doctorow. Oy.

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