BBSpot’s Vista Upgrade Decision Flowchart

BBSpot’s Vista Upgrade Decision Flowchart

BBSpot — a site that you might want to think of as The Onion for nerds — has posted a Windows Vista Upgrade Decision Flowchart, a small portion of which appears in the picture above. While it’s really meant to be a humour piece, the flowchart’s advice is generally valid:

  • If your machine is running something that predates Windows 2000, the best way to upgrade to Vista is to buy a new computer with Vista pre-installed.
  • If your machine runs Windows 2000 or XP:
    • If it’s an office machine, wait until Service Pack 1 is released before upgrading.
    • If it’s a home machine:
      • If someone else maintains it, ask that person’s opinion.
      • If you maintain it and have money to burn, go ahead an upgrade to Vista.
  • If you’re running Mac OS X or Linux, relax.

The flowchart is available in both JPEG and PDF formats.

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