book.title.needs_work? = true

Cover of “If (Sid_Vicious == TRUE && Alan_Turing == TRUE) { ERROR_Cyberpunk(); }Over at BoingBoing, Cory points to a Lulu-published book titled
If (Sid_Vicious == TRUE && Alan_Turing == TRUE) { ERROR_Cyberpunk(); } on Amazon, noting that the book title is “awesome”.

The book’s already garnered one comment:

The title is enough to give a jobbing programmer a spontaneous fistula. Matters aren’t helped much by Amazon’s (apparent) mistranscription.

Which is true. Whenever you see a == true or == false in someone’s code, it’s a pretty reliable indicator that you’re dealing with a rank amateur. Better by far both code- and book-title-wise to simply code it as the one liner:

if (Sid_Vicious && Alan_Turing) ERROR_Cyberpunk();

(And really, most programming style guides say that variable names should begin with lowercase letters — they should really be sid_vicious and alan_turing. We programmers can be real pedants.)

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