Now You’ll Know Which Idiot is Filling Your Comments Section with Pointless, Puerile Drivel

Cover of “Internet Tought Guy Magazine”

Pardon me if I don’t get too terribly excited about Om Malik’s news that Digg, the new Slashdot — and no, that’s not a compliment — is going to adopt the OpenID standard. Om reports:

Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg, is about to make this announcement at The Future of Apps conference sometime later today and will be giving out more details. The support is likely to be in place later this year, Rose said. We did not talk long enough to fill in the gaps but will update the story in a few hours.

The interesting part is that Digg’s jumping on the bandwagon a few days after AOL’s announcement of its support for OpenID means that the online identity standard will have been adopted by both the left and right ends of the technology adoption curve by the end fo the year, and by groups that have been at one time or another, been blamed for ruining the ‘net’s signal-to-noise ratio.

(Pictured in this article: Internet Tough Guy Magazine, which would seem to come free with every Digg account.)


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