A Former Verizon Sales Rep’s 8 Tips for Buying a Verizon Phone

In Consumerist’s 8 Confessions Of A Former Verizon Sales Rep, you get 8 useful tips for getting the best deal from Verizon:

  1. Never get a 2-year contract. “The only benefit to a 2 yr contract is a $50 savings on your phone. Its not worth it. Take the $50 and get a 1 year then you can upgrade to a new phone every 10 months.”
  2. Verizon reps get tons of money from new lines and certain accessories and text packages, take advantage of this. “VZW makes $ off the service, not the phones. Tell them you don’t want to mail in the rebate… Also tell them you will buy the accessories, and text package. Trust me here, these are 2 of the biggest metrics for the reps. Return the accessories the next day and call customer care to cancel your text package.”
  3. Mention the lost or stolen program to get 25% off a new phone, even if you’re under contract. “Who’s to say you didn’t lose it?”
  4. If you’re on a rate plan of $59.99 or higher, you can get “a new phone (and new contract) for the discounted price after 12 months.”
  5. Insurance is a rip-off. “It costs too much and has a $50 deductible.”
  6. Tell them you’ll sign up for the Unlimited Data Plan with your Treo. “Speaking of Treos, often they offer an extra $100 off if you get the Unlimited data plan. Get it. Save $100 and cancel it the next day if you don’t want it. The leverage here is amazing also because that high end data package counts as a new activation in a roundabout way for the rep. None of the data packages are contractual.”
  7. Reps don’t get as much money if you’re still in a contract. “If you upgrade on the phone with Verizon, the store reps won’t be as motivated to help you.”
  8. Ask for a loyalty credit on the phone before going to the store.

I’m in Canada, where Verizon ain’t, so these tips won’t apply to me. Any former Bell Mobility reps out there who’d like to spill the beans?